More info from @21 on upgrade issued an update on last week’s five-day unannounced outage.  If you join the 21 slack channel (highly recommended) you can read it here.  A quick summary for others (and I do mean quick, as I am pressed for time):

  1.  They’re sorry and it w0n’t happen again.
  2. They remind everyone that the service is in beta and is at present meant for developers having fun building side projects.  I commented that there has been some grade inflation and people have higher expectations of beta than they used too.
  3. They explain that they pulled the release schedule ahead for a planned update from ipv4 to ipv6 because a security researcher reported an unrelated exploit in a known area of vulnerability.  Risks that were acceptable in early testing have become less acceptable as the service matures and it was determined that it was time to act.   A future blog post will explain the architectural changes in more detail, at present suffice it to say they are moving from a P2P to a partly hub & spoke model.

A very good explanation and a good resolution.



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