Questions About Distribution for @21 Apps

I am starting to think seriously about distribution for apps on the @21 platform and I thought I would start by laying out some informal questions to organize my thoughts.

  • Where is the consumer pull going to come from?  I see developers so far but I don’t see many API consumers.  Hopefully, this is part of the 21 master plan.
  • (edit) A related and major question: where is the bitcoin coming into the system? At present, to get someone to buy more than a few test API calls, I have to persuade them to buy bitcoin, add it to Coinbase, and link Coinbase to 21. That is a major hurdle.
  • What is the same about  distribution on a machine payable web app store relative to a mobile app web store, and what is different?  I certainly hope it will be less gatekeeperized and revenue will be shared more fairly…
  • What is a good definition of distribution for platform apps? These are quite a bit like apps in a mobile App Store but maybe not quite the same.  @PatrickWStanley suggested: “defining consumers, outreach, sales process, onboarding, etc.”
  • What are some non-spammy but effective means of announcing new apps and changes to existing apps? A few ideas:
    –something organic to 21 — some sort of community feature aimed more at consumers than at developers (assuming the 21 Slack channel is mostly for developers)
    –autonotifications to everyone who’s used a particular app
    –something external to 21 — a 21notifications Twitter account or hashtag — can’t expect main 21 Twitter to share anything except major app news
  • What are the options for building long term relationships with API consumers without compromising 21’s strategic values/goals of removing friction from API use?  At a minimum I’d like to have list of purchasers and some opt-in? method for communicating with them.
  • (edit) How can we tell whether we are likely to face competition from established players that may partner with 21?  E.g. I don’t want to build a password app if 21 is already partnered with LastPass.
  • (edit) What tools are available to make it easier for users to consume large quantities of API calls?  Some scheduling tools (visual cron interface?) might be helpful.
  • (edit) How can we help consumers do enterprise onboarding? Our market could be 1000+x bigger when we are selling calls to an enterprise rather than an individual developer.

More later!screenshot-from-2016-09-17-14-22-23


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