algorithmic research on #Florida Hurricanes via @21

I’m always on the lookout for ways to illustrate the power of the @21 platform coupled with my PageKicker tool suite so today’s example is based on a tweet from pal @michaelbarera.


I fired up the 21 command line interface on my bash-capable laptop (Linux, Mac, Windows 10) and added the keywords “Florida Hurricane” to the “quick buy” instructions for my phrase2ebook application on 21.


Ten seconds and 10,000 satoshis later (approximately 6 cents at today’s BTC rate) I had a 142-page epub on “Florida Hurricanes” on my desktop.



A few things I want to emphasize:

  1. For a command line user, this was actually was easier than going to a “one-click” ecommerce web site, which is saying something.
  2. It created something for 10,000 satoshi that could not be created manually without a great deal of clicking, maybe 10 or 15 minutes of time.
  3. Because it is programmatic it is infinitely repeatable at scale by  machines that are watching Twitter feeds or any other demand cue.

Here we begin to see some of the power of the Machine Payable Web as @21 enables the creation of research reports by machines driven by requests from other machines.



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