Gridded Term Paper Factory app @21

The Term Paper Factory app, which is available on the marketplace, accepts a user keyphrase and for the sale price of 10,000 satoshis (six cents) returns a 10-100 page Word document in about sixty seconds.  The app spiders and assembles relevant content and provides visual and textual analysis that can save you hours of research. You still have to write an original paper, but this will speed things up. Not only that, but you can submit as many requests as you want (thus, “factory”) — help out your friends!

To get started, visit and download their free command line application.  (Browser support is coming …)   Once you’ve gone through the easy two-minute set-up process, you can buy the research simply by typing

21 buy "pagekicker/term-paper-factory/buildtermpaper?key1=the+Scarlet+Letter" > 

You’ll get back a document that looks like this (viewed in Open Office Writer)


One warning note is that at present the keyword recognition is weak. The easiest way to make sure that the app finds enough raw material is to use a key phrase that corresponds to the title of a Wikipedia page. The system will start spidering from there.

Today I made a couple of minor changes to the acknowledgments section, but in future releases, many more complex features will be added.   In particular, it will be possible for users to sell  value-added research via their nodes on the 21 network.

To learn more about machine publishing and the machine payable web, return to this blog, or visit



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