Tired of being data mined? Run Personal Data Broker on @21

Tired of being data mined by big corporations?   We built our own personal data broker.

Version 1.2.2 of PageKicker’s Personal Data Broker  adds two new ways to sell your personal information to marketers on the 21 network.

The /buy/contact route lets you sell your contact info (and only the info you choose); the default price is 10,000 satoshis (or approximately 6 cents at today’s rates).

21 buy “https://21.co/pagekicker/app/personal-data-broker/buy/contact”

The /buy/besthours route lets you sell the best hours to reach you; the default price is 20,000 satoshis, or approximately 12 cents.

21 buy “pagekicker/personal-data-broker/buy/besthours” –maxprice 20000

Note that by default the 21 user must issue the –maxprice flag for transactions over 10,000 satoshis.

The system returns JSON files using standards from Schema.org, a joint venture of tech giants including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Yandex.


Assuming basic familiarity with the 21 command line software, you can start running pdb in only a few minutes of effort:

  1. Download the software: git clone https://github.com/fredzannarbor/personaldatabroker.git
  2. Configure the static data files and manifest.yaml with your personal info.
  3. Start the daemon: cd …/pdb/ && python3 pdb-server.py -d
  4. 21 publish submit manifest.yaml. Now you will have the app available via your 21.co user marketplace at 21.co/<username>/.
  5. Add the URL to your app (e.g. 21.co/username/personal-data-broker) to your email signature or webpage contact form, with a note directing your interlocutors to download and install 21.  In the near future there will be easy ways for non-techies to acquire satoshi without installing 21 so they can interact with you via this, your preferred protocol, which meets your needs first.

screenshot-from-2016-10-25-16-07-40Coming soon: additional routes; configurable pricing; refactoring for flexibility; the ability to opt in to an aggregating service; and the organizational data broker, which enables your corporation to offset its costs of providing basic information to suppliers and prospective vendors.


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