Why the word cloud App on @21 marketplace is superior to many alternatives

While word cloud websites and scripts are readily available on the Internet, PageKicker’s Superior Word Cloud app on the 21 marketplace is more cost-effective in scripting and (soon) multi-language use cases.


The syntax to use the app on the 21 network is:

21 buy "pagekicker/word-cloud/buy" --data-file="/path/to/my/local/file" > out.png

Note: the quotes around the resource address and the filepath are both required, as is the redirect to a file.  Omitting the quotes will result in an error, and omitting the redirect will result in nonsense characters being streamed to your terminal via stdout.

Once a user has joined the 21 network with a simple 2-minute install process,  the 21 buy command enables users to make API calls to 100+ services on the 21 marketplace without any further registration or authentication. This means that 21 users can seamlessly access all the APIs they need without the necessity of what is usually an hour-long process of registering with a domain-specific API provider, requesting API token, and writing a program to call the API.  (Often, credit card numbers and screening phone calls from sales people are also required.)  21 is a metered service that charges in bitcoin and there are easy ways to earn bitcoin to use as “Monopoly money” in the metered environment.

If you want to build a single word cloud, PageKicker’s 21 app is more or less equally convenient to going to a website and uploading the image; if you have a personal preference for command line, our app may be quicker and less distraction-prone than heading to Google.

In a situation where you need to build quite a few word clouds, our app may have a distinct advantage.  Think about it in terms of the value of your time.  Let’s say it takes 30 minutes to select and install an open source tool that you can run from the command line.  That’s worth half an hour of your hourly rate. At roughly 2 cents per word cloud via 21, the fully loaded cost is less for using the 21 API until you’re building thousands of word clouds at a time.

Running batch jobs with 21 is as easy as creating a shell script batch.sh.

21 buy "pagekicker/word-cloud/buy" --data-file "path/to/local/file1" > cloud1.png
21 buy "pagekicker/word-cloud/buy" --data-file "path/to/local/file2" > cloud2.png
21 buy "pagekicker/word-cloud/buy" --data-file "path/to/local/file3" > cloud3.png
$sh batch.sh

This doesn’t even require any programming, it can all be done in a text editor via search and replace.

In a future release a set of 30+ domain- and language-specific stop word files will be added that make the results from PageKicker implementation significantly superior to other word cloud tools.

The word cloud app is made available on @21 as part of PageKicker’s support for its algorithmic book creation toolkit on the Machine-Payable Web.



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