@Balajis of @21 suggested for MIT Disobedience Award

Justin O’Connell writing in Cryptocoins News:

On July 21, the Media Lab’s Forbidden Research symposium announced a $250,000 MIT Media Lab Disobedience award. Funds were donated by Reid Hoffman, co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn.

“An individual who cares deeply about righting society’s wrongs,” he writes.

“This prize is a one-time experiment that, if successful, we will consider repeating in the future,” he continues in the Medium post. “It will go to a person or group engaged in what we believe is excellent disobedience for the benefit of society. The disobedience that we would like to call out is the kind that seeks to change society in a positive way, and is consistent with a set of key principles. The principles include non-violence, creativity, courage, and taking responsibility for one’s actions.”

Among O’Connell’s (unbinding, unofficial) suggestions:

Balaji Srinivasan – As CEO of 21.co, Srinivasan has been on the forefront of decentralized Bitcoin technology. One of the most innovative companies in the space, Jeff Garzik points to 21.co when he discusses one of his favorite Bitcoin topics: the melding of bitcoin and artificial intelligence. 21.co’s flagship product, a computer with an embedded mining chip and a marketplace for trading, strives to decentralize Bitcoin mining – disobeying the trend of warehouse mining operations and thus a centralization of the Bitcoin market. In Srinivasan’s version, more people – not fewer – can connect a node and partake in the Bitcoin experiment.


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